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Advance Technical Institute was founded in 1998 and has over 18 years of experience providing vocational assessments to evaluate individual participant’s educational competencies, vocational skills, training, professional development workshops, and job/employment development history leading to an employment plan which will assist the individual's goal of returning to work and self-sufficiency.

Advance Technical Institute believes that there should be no barriers to education and opportunities should be made available to all who wish to succeed, regardless of their current situation or past experiences. Advance Technical Institute provides ways to reopen doors and keep doors open, which may have closed in the past. We prepare individuals with the foundational knowledge and educational skills needed to effectively participate in the world of today and tomorrow. We instill a sense of individual purpose, self-value, and courage in our clients, motivating them to reach beyond what they can currently see.

Since our inception we have assisted over 2,000 clients with individualized courses and non-degree programs for job skills enhancement, career change, continuing education, adult basic education, personal and professional development, job readiness, placement, and life skills services through individual and contractual referrals from governmental and private agencies. Additional services provided include ergonomic training and consulting, ADA training, and entrepreneurial training. Our Institute's success over the years can be attributed to strong management techniques and continuous improvement efforts.

The institution does not qualify for any financial aid programs, nor does it offer any consumer loans to students.  All charges and tuition are paid by third-parties (such as an employer, organization, or other payer) and no separate agreements exist between student to repay the third party.


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